Accidents can occur with hydrogen peroxide concentrate when safety precautions are not taken and directions are not followed. For this reason, we want to stress some safety and storage tips.
  1. Keep hydrogen peroxide concentrate out of the reach of children.
  2. Never transfer the concentrate into unlabeled or improperly labeled containers.
  3. If hydrogen peroxide concentrate is accidentally spilled on the skin, flush the area immediately with running water.
  4. If hydrogen peroxide concentrate is accidentally ingested, drink large amounts of water to dilute. Stay upright and contact your doctor. It could be toxic or fatal if swallowed at full strength.
  5. For spillage of hydrogen peroxide concentrate, dispose of according to Federal, State, and local regulations.
  6. Always wear the proper personal protective equipment when handling undiluted hydrogen peroxide
Flush the spill area with water. Do not return the spilled material to the original container. Prevent undiluted hydrogen peroxide from entering into the sewage system. Report spills in compliance with Federal, State, or local regulations.
Large quantities, such as drums, should be stored in a cool, dry area. When high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide come in contact with organic materials, they may form flammable mixtures (spontaneous combustion).
Once a sterile spigot has been inserted into the drum, it should remain in place. Repeated insertions may cause lint or dust to enter, which could cause contamination of the product. After filling properly labeled containers, put a child-proof cap on and cover the spigot with a plastic dust protector.